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Dealing with Various Medical Issues

Hello, my name is Benny and this is my blog. Suffering from a medical issue or illness can really impact your quality of life. For many years, I had a hard time dealing with my medical problems. I was born with a condition which makes it very difficult for me to eat. This resulted in a number of problems. Thankfully, I have had some great doctors over the years who have made sure I had received the best treatment. I have learnt so much about dealing with a wide range of conditions that I decided I should share my knowledge here.


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Common Wellness Myths You Should Know About

Wellness is a big buzzword in the health industry. It can refer to many areas of your life, including the food you eat, how you exercise and the way you spend your time. If your wellbeing is something that's important to you, it's wise to dispel some of the myths surrounding wellness.

Carbohydrates Make You Fat

Although low-carb diets do have a reasonable success rate, that doesn't mean that eating carbohydrates makes you fat. Eating the wrong carbs is likely to make you gain weight, as they're often high in calories and offer little nutritional value. Some carb-rich foods make an important contribution to your energy levels and your digestive health. Try focusing on those that have a low glycemic index and plenty of fibre. For example, fruit, vegetables and legumes.

All Calories Are Equal

It's true that burning more calories than you consume can help you lose weight. That doesn't mean that all calories are equal, though. Eating 200 calories of sugar-packed chocolate isn't going to give you the same nutritional experience as 200 calories of blueberries. While one is likely to result in an energy crash, the other features a powerful punch of antioxidants. When trying to stick within a calorie limit, focus on those foods that have nutritional value. 

Supplements Are Always Healthy

Supplements such as protein shakes and vitamins can make a positive contribution to your diet. However, that doesn't mean they're always healthy or that you should use them as a substitute for consuming the right foods. Before starting any supplement, make sure you review whether you're already getting enough of that nutrient each day. Getting too much of certain nutrients can make you unwell. Similarly, if you use protein shakes because you work out, investigate whether you can get protein through natural dietary sources too. 

Gluten-Free Is Always Healthy

A gluten-free diet is necessary when you have a coeliac disease diagnosis. However, there's also a common wellness myth that suggests cutting out gluten to optimise your nutrition and reduce brain fog. In an attempt to cut out gluten, you may automatically start eating healthier foods and feel the benefits of your efforts. However, that doesn't mean that gluten-free is always the best way forward. Gluten-free products can often be expensive, which means you may be sticking a higher price than is necessary on your healthy way of life.

If you want to improve your wellbeing, always cross-check the resources you read. And if you're struggling with any aspect of your health, reach out to a professional.