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Dealing with Various Medical Issues

Hello, my name is Benny and this is my blog. Suffering from a medical issue or illness can really impact your quality of life. For many years, I had a hard time dealing with my medical problems. I was born with a condition which makes it very difficult for me to eat. This resulted in a number of problems. Thankfully, I have had some great doctors over the years who have made sure I had received the best treatment. I have learnt so much about dealing with a wide range of conditions that I decided I should share my knowledge here.



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Simple Self-Care Tips for Addressing Back Pain

As a common medical complaint amongst people of all ages, back pain can arise for a number of reasons. In many cases, it has a mechanical cause, which means it's occurring because of a muscular strain following an injury or repeated bad posture. If you regularly suffer from backache and you're interested in using self-care techniques, here are some you may find handy: Tackle acute pain with ice If your back pain follows an acute injury, try using ice in the first 24 to 48 hours. Read More 

Risk of Abuse: 3 OTC Drugs You Need to be Aware Of

Because over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can be obtained without seeing a doctor and because you do not need a prescription, many people don't believe that they can be hazardous. However, some OTC drugs have psychoactive properties which can lead to people abusing the medication. It is essential that pharmacists understand which drugs are likely to be abused so they can monitor customers who purchase these items. Below is a guide to three commonly abused OTC drugs and the effects of overdosing on them. Read More 

How to Reduce Your Risk of Asbestos-related Health Conditions

Asbestos, as explained by the NHS, is a material that is now widely banned, but was used in insulation, flooring and roofing. When disturbed, fibres of the material can break off, leading to serious health issues if inhaled, including lung cancer. While the conditions caused by asbestos are serious, they can be prevented by taking certain precautions in the home and workplaces and knowing your risk. Be Aware of Asbestos in Your Home  Read More 

Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Conduct a Pre-Employment Medical Check

It is said that any organisation is only as strong as its best employees. This puts a considerable amount of pressure on those responsible for recruiting staff, as a bad decision could have significant repercussions for the business going forward. Consequently, it's even more important than ever to put any potential employee through a medical health check before confirming their position and if this is not something that you have done before, why should you consider it now? Read More 

Let’s Get Physical: Is Physiotherapy Right for You?

Whether you're looking into sports physiotherapy on your own or you've been recommended to do so by a professional, it can be difficult to know whether it's really something that you'd like to try.  Sessions can be expensive, and you may feel intimidated at the thought of attending such an intense-sounding session.  However, the truth of the matter is that sports physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial in a whole range of circumstances. Read More