Dealing with Various Medical IssuesDealing with Various Medical Issues

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Dealing with Various Medical Issues

Hello, my name is Benny and this is my blog. Suffering from a medical issue or illness can really impact your quality of life. For many years, I had a hard time dealing with my medical problems. I was born with a condition which makes it very difficult for me to eat. This resulted in a number of problems. Thankfully, I have had some great doctors over the years who have made sure I had received the best treatment. I have learnt so much about dealing with a wide range of conditions that I decided I should share my knowledge here.


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What Could Be Causing Pain During Urination?

Although it is never very easy to talk about it, many women find that, from time to time, they suffer a burning sensation when they urinate. While this may not be so unusual, it is still troubling, and if you have found yourself in this position you will want to know what is wrong. What could be causing these painful and uncomfortable symptoms, and are they signs of something serious? Read More 

Choosing the Right Doctor

Everyone should have a general practitioner or doctor who they visit on a regular basis. This doctor is the one who primarily deals with the patient, assesses their health concerns and refers them to the right specialist. Visiting the same doctor each time has a range of benefits including: Being assessed based on long term medical history — Long term GPs/doctors will be aware of their patient's medical history. This will help them in treating their patient. Read More 

What Happens When a Prepaid Funeral Plan Doesn’t Cover the Entire Cost of a Funeral?

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Will Dentures Cure Your Chronic Indigestion?

If indigestion seems to be a permanent problem that you can't get rid of, then you may have gone to your GP to see where the problem lies. Your doctor doesn't find a medical reason for your digestive problems and suggests that you talk to your dentist about them. Your doctor thinks that your teeth may be at the root of the problem. When you mention this to your dentist, they tell you that having dentures fitted may help. Read More 

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