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Hello, my name is Benny and this is my blog. Suffering from a medical issue or illness can really impact your quality of life. For many years, I had a hard time dealing with my medical problems. I was born with a condition which makes it very difficult for me to eat. This resulted in a number of problems. Thankfully, I have had some great doctors over the years who have made sure I had received the best treatment. I have learnt so much about dealing with a wide range of conditions that I decided I should share my knowledge here.



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Things You Should Know About Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo

Looking to get a perfect eyebrow? Whether it's for a special occasion, or you just want to get that Kardashians look, you can't afford to go wrong with the brows. I mean straight talk; no lady wants to come out with brows wrongly drawn. You wouldn't want to draw attention in that manner. But as you seek to find out a solution for your eyebrows, you probably would consider a permanent solution. Fortunately, the ever-growing cosmetics world has got you covered! Eyebrow feathering is a cosmetic procedure in which precise needles are used to create minimal fine lines to fill the sparse brows.

This method is not only artistic but can also save quite a lot of time. Here are some of the things you need to know about eyebrow feathering tattoos;

Do they look natural?

Yes. Brow feathering tattoo, unlike the old marker pencils, comes out nothing less than perfect. It is done with highly artistic individuals who rarely go wrong at it. And if at all they do; the incisions are always dyed carefully until that smooth perfect shape is achieved. So yes, it rarely goes wrong, at least not if the artist is on top of his or her game.

How long will your tattooed brows last?

Eyebrow tattooing is known to be a type of semi-permanent make-up style. A well-crafted brow can last at least 18 months before you start noticing some form of fading. But all this depends on how well you care for it, your skin type and, most importantly, who did it for you.

Is it painful?

We all dread at the mention of pain; and as with the mention of anything to do with a tattoo, pain is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, the process is painless. Artists use a select type of anesthetic when starting the process. The anesthesia causes numbness so you won't have to feel pain. However, you will feel some uncomfortable sensation when the blade rubs against your skin.

What are the risks?

Afraid of something going wrong? What if the stylist gets it wrong and draws something utterly different from what you wanted? Those are some of the common fears people tend to develop. It is essential first to do a background check on your stylist, look at their previous works to ensure they do a good job. There have been reports on hitching, swelling and slight irritation. However, all these are nothing over average, and they go away after a short time. So yes, there's not much to worry. Just ensure your stylist is licensed and follows the laid-down safety precautions.

Cosmetics tattoos are becoming increasingly widespread in the current cosmetic world. These methods, if carried out correctly, are not only safe but also saves a lot of time and brings out just that perfect look you've been longing for!